1 answer
Personal pronouns
Is there a rule about where to use I and where to use me
0 votes, asked Sep 23 '15 by Akshi
2 answers
Hi, may i know what is the tense for is/are followed by verd+ed, example:- The food are prepared for the ...
+1 vote, asked Sep 23 '15 by Ong
1 answer
They sit together. Is there a grammar error in that sentence?
Is this a complete sentence?
0 votes, asked Sep 23 '15 by Dorethia
1 answer
Cancel Account
I want to cancel my account.
-1 votes, asked Sep 23 '15 by Paulette Parker
1 answer
Pronoun Reference with which and comma
Being German and working in the field of patents, I have a question with respect to pronoun reference: In patents ...
pronouns reference 0 votes, asked Sep 23 '15 by Mathias Smolarski
4 answers
Placement of "also"
My boss consistently corrects my use of the word “also”. I’m not sure which of us is correct, and I ...
placement wording 0 votes, asked Sep 23 '15 by Emma
2 answers
The ability to express gratitude, compassion, joy and love, allowing all to bring a quiet peace into the heart, mind ...
Lies or lays 0 votes, asked Sep 23 '15 by Sayif M. Sanyika
1 answer
Types of negation
Identify the types of negation in the following sentences1.They aren't at home. 2.Mr.Mittal has misplaced the file. 3.None of the ...
0 votes, asked Sep 23 '15 by Devika
1 answer
is this a run-on? if so, how can i fix it?
For many years, I have lived in Miami, Florida, a southern city in which life revolves around the beach.
run-on grammarcorrection Style 0 votes, asked Sep 23 '15 by Laura Frank
1 answer
grammar problem with fox
Is this sentence grammatically correct ? "baby fox's personal hero" or just 'baby fox personal hero" ? I want to ...
0 votes, asked Sep 23 '15 by Meggi
0 answers
Can you identify the following sentence parts?
What do you think will happen to him when he arrives at school?
Sentence -1 votes, asked Sep 22 '15 by Monica M. Ray
3 answers
which is correct to say at organization or in organization?
which is correct to say in organization or at organization?
0 votes, asked Sep 22 '15 by Samy
1 answer
Present Perfect of Past Simple?
Which of the following sentence is correct? 1) During my career I have worked on papers that have been published. ...
presentperfect pastsimple 0 votes, asked Sep 22 '15 by moritz.sulzer
4 answers
Incorrect comparisons
Should it bother me when somewhen says an item is five times lighter than another item. Or one store is ...
COMPARISONS comparison +1 vote, asked Sep 22 '15 by RichS
1 answer
Use of the adjective "proudly"
The Fire Department in my City has the moto, "Proudly we serve". Is this grammatically correct? In my mind it ...
adjective slogans 0 votes, asked Sep 22 '15 by Spencer Kyle
1 answer
Agency Ad
Whethet its correct to say " Agency that is not only concerned about increasing their bills"
0 votes, asked Sep 22 '15 by Shihab Sheikh
3 answers
acceptable words that can be used at the start of a sentence
Hi, just need help as to whether it is perfectly acceptable to use the word 'likewise' at the start of ...
0 votes, asked Sep 22 '15 by aishay bee
1 answer
I'm going to have to start working out more, obviously
What is wrong with this sentence?
0 votes, asked Sep 22 '15 by Gennady Amusyev
0 answers
voice change
Do you give me a pen?
-1 votes, asked Sep 22 '15 by emon
1 answer
grammer question
"you had to have a hair cut" is this correct sentence according to english grammer rules?
had have grammer +1 vote, asked Sep 22 '15 by amit mann
2 answers
use of does
does she came?
0 votes, asked Sep 22 '15 by Saloni Jain
2 answers
how to say it correctly
I want to say that i know him before i know you such as do you know me before you ...
english +1 vote, asked Sep 22 '15 by Rayan X Rayan
0 answers
Are hyphens needed in the following phrase: 'a lower middle class Indian man'?
hyphens 0 votes, asked Sep 22 '15 by Charles Fishman
1 answer
Transitive and intransitive
Hi, I have some questions: 1. What are the transitive and the intransitive verbs? 2. When do I use them? ...
transitive intransitive example Thanks 0 votes, asked Sep 22 '15 by Santiago
1 answer
None or no one
Hi, I'd like to know which of the two is the correct form of the phrase; "none in particular" or ...
grammar Phrase 0 votes, asked Sep 21 '15 by Deepak Charles
2 answers
Which of these is correct or are they both wrong? a. Failure to sign up could result in you not ...
0 votes, asked Sep 21 '15 by Annette
0 answers
sentence completion
2) Amazon strives --------- perating costs, so they can retain margins even by selling at ---------prices A)reduce ,higher B) vary ...
0 votes, asked Sep 21 '15 by santosh kumar Gouda
1 answer
proper pronoun use
when i was in school i was taught to pick the proper pronoun by taking "jimmy and I went to ...
pronouns sentence-structure 0 votes, asked Sep 21 '15 by Daniel Bridgman
2 answers
does this sentence make sense ?
At the cessation of the eldritch corridor
0 votes, asked Sep 21 '15 by Maggie Kop
2 answers
How To Cancel Subsciption
How Do you cancel the service?
0 votes, asked Sep 21 '15 by Ron Cascioli
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