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Pronoun use
What is wrong with the use of my pronoun and/or agreement of them in this sentence? See example: There is ...
0 votes, asked Feb 14 '14 by Missy Laurent
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What is the right way?
I have cc'd my Program Manager on this e-mail.
0 votes, asked Feb 14 '14 by Maxine Van Der Kaap
2 answers
Sentence structure
What is wrong with this sentence? See example: For further clarification, please refer to Hervia's e-mails below.
0 votes, asked Feb 14 '14 by Maxine Van Der Kaap
1 answer
How can I elaborate that sentence . See example: When the porcelaine pieces were ready, she would take them to ...
+1 vote, asked Feb 14 '14 by JOSSELYN NIETO
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Commas Around Dates That Restrict Which Day You Mean
If you are saying "Saturday March 10 at the Staples Center" why put commas around "March 10"? You wouldn't say ...
0 votes, asked Feb 14 '14 by Geoffrey
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how to now the correct answer
He said that it is fine if you make a mistake I will teach you See example: He said that ...
0 votes, asked Feb 14 '14 by osama
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What to put as a verb instead of was used
I am confused if to use the passive voice or not See example: A semi strucutred format was used for ...
0 votes, asked Feb 14 '14 by Joseph
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Passive voice use
How do you fix the phrase "are surprised" See example: When people read this book they are surprised at what ...
0 votes, asked Feb 14 '14 by justin schwandt
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comma before predicate
Grammarly tells me to remove comma between Dan and predicate, but it ignors fact that the comma is used for ...
0 votes, asked Feb 14 '14 by Peter Mohan
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Double-edge sword of social media
Can I put my words like this? See example: Social media can be a double-edge sword; we find communicating a ...
0 votes, asked Feb 14 '14 by Rony
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How can this sentence be improved to eliminte wordiness? See example: When a child knows he can have one cookie ...
0 votes, asked Feb 14 '14 by Wallis Zbitnew
1 answer
Students will be asked to share stories about themselves with the class.
0 votes, asked Feb 13 '14 by merv olds
2 answers
conditional sentences
i dont know what to change it to See example: She agreed, and that's when we started our journey back ...
0 votes, asked Feb 13 '14 by Ivy Saq
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subject verb agreement
Though the FCC recognizes freedom of speech, obscene material is not covered under that law. See example: Though the FCC ...
0 votes, asked Feb 13 '14 by Cynthia Thomas
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correct faulty parallelism
a manager can increase performance during a recession by communicating and being transparent with staff See example: A manager can ...
0 votes, asked Feb 13 '14 by charles walker
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Pronoun agreement
This is because reading should be taken as a workout and if one is in need of a workout, they ...
0 votes, asked Feb 13 '14 by Robert Galleno
1 answer
Options for not using "you" See example: Can you imagine a life where emotions don't exist?
0 votes, asked Feb 13 '14 by Kristie keegan
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confusing modifiers
how can I edit this sentance See example: For sensitive patients, he or she might perceive the people who are ...
0 votes, asked Feb 13 '14 by gift of age
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Minimum Wage
minimum wage raised See example: If the minimum was to get raised, I think that people would start paying their ...
0 votes, asked Feb 13 '14 by LaKenya Hopkins
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Hang off me
Hi I just would like to know what does "Hang off me" means? I'm not an english speaker so I ...
0 votes, asked Feb 13 '14 by vinaro
1 answer
With reference to the above most of the basement are still untidy after repeated instruction as well as daily observation ...
0 votes, asked Feb 13 '14 by MOHAMMAD HASAN
2 answers
by the fact that S + V
I was confused by the fact that he changed his words. I was confused because he changed his words. I ...
0 votes, edited Feb 13 '14 by Hans
1 answer
comma splice?
Suggestions? Do I need both or none or a semi-colon, or two sentences? See example: Chancellorsville was not a town, ...
0 votes, asked Feb 13 '14 by angie mcconnico
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Present Perfect tense
Dear All , I was wondering If you could possibly help me with your comments for the following sentence ; ...
0 votes, asked Feb 13 '14 by Aziz
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the head teacher commended my sisiter and i Sally ran into francis and I aat the video movie I invited ...
0 votes, asked Feb 13 '14 by dianne grant
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whats wrong with this quote See example: Craig states, " she must rely on her body to attract a man ...
0 votes, asked Feb 12 '14 by lauren
1 answer
Grammerly keeps saying that I am spelling sincerly wrong..I am ending an introduction letter with it
-1 votes, asked Feb 12 '14 by paula valenzuela
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Should have
Is that a correct should have done your work before the boss had arrived" or" you should have done ...
Formation 0 votes, asked Feb 12 '14 by Bushrawazir
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I have Microsoft Works. Will it work because I just bought 1 year subscription
Will Grammerly work with Microsoft Works?
-1 votes, asked Feb 12 '14 by michaels
0 answers
Help me with Punctuation
Thank you for walking in today Jesus to comfort my mother when she heard that her only surviving sibling had ...
0 votes, asked Feb 12 '14 by Sandi
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