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comma befor "while"
"You disregard the mess, while I try to control the world." or "You disregard the mess while I try to ...
while comma necessary 0 votes, asked Oct 08 '14 by mary
0 answers
POS question - asking
In the sentence, "After class, the teacher reprimanded him for asking many qustions." what are the parts of speech for ...
POS asking 0 votes, asked Oct 08 '14 by Mdmeeder
0 answers
Subject - usage of been as a past participle of be in present perfect tense without since or for
When to say ( without for or since) 1. She has been sick without for or since. ( = she ...
0 votes, asked Oct 08 '14 by dhruta Shah
0 answers
Statement "Worth Gold"
Is it appropriate to use statement "Team Worth Gold" to describe team that should get golden medal in some sport ...
Worth Deserve 0 votes, asked Oct 08 '14 by Jonas
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common grammar questions !
hello would you please help me to correct these sentensese ? 1. ( in the theatre ) Would you please ...
0 votes, asked Oct 08 '14 by Taeyang Maary
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Subject, predicate, misplaced and dangling modifiers
The sentence is "Falling down a flight of stairs hurts". Someone asked me if this sentence had a subject and ...
0 votes, asked Oct 08 '14 by Ronda Swenson O'Dell
4 answers
choose: My grandpa walks (on- in -with - by ) a stick
0 votes, asked Oct 07 '14 by Omar Hanafy
2 answers
English grammar
Are "success" and "successive" partial homonyms?
+1 vote, asked Oct 07 '14 by algren
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What is the abbreviation for word "established"
0 votes, asked Oct 07 '14 by Cherry Burnett
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Commas after series in compound subjects.
I have a recurring problem with sentences that have compound subjects. Here's an example: "Being the best person you can ...
commas commaplacement series subject 0 votes, asked Oct 07 '14 by Keith Edwin Schooley
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About a venue
I have read the information document you sent me, and I'm OK with everything. I just want you to know ...
0 votes, asked Oct 07 '14 by Abies Enogieru
2 answers
I'm needing help revising this sentence. Please help me! This experience has taught and shaped me into a more cautious ...
0 votes, asked Oct 07 '14 by Taylor
3 answers
Is this sentence active or passive?
The student studied for two hours for this test.
0 votes, asked Oct 07 '14 by wesley wilson
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a challenge to the government's authority.
0 votes, asked Oct 06 '14 by ياسمين الياس
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subject/verb agreement
Which sentence is correct? The wedding and reception was decorated by florist, Scott Reed. or The wedding and reception were ...
0 votes, asked Oct 06 '14 by Lona Rosetti
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Capitalization of the word "department" when referring to a specific department
When referring to a specific department, such as the Department of Biological Engineering, in subsequent instances, is Department capitalized: "The ...
capitalization 0 votes, asked Oct 06 '14 by Karen Love
1 answer
I'm doing math for next semester or I'm doing math in the next semester? Which sentence is correct?
When speaking
0 votes, asked Oct 06 '14 by 53j34j 4h4h
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Whic of the following is correct My daughter, Thea's bed My daughter, Thea's, bed My daughter Thea's bed
0 votes, asked Oct 06 '14 by melaniesefton
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Usage of the word 'intrigue'
Hi I have a question on usage of the word 'intrigue' to express strong interests or curiosity on something. Is ...
intrigue in-on 0 votes, asked Oct 06 '14 by s
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What is the word "while" in this sentence?
How would the word, "while" or the phrase between the commas in the sentence below be identified? I don't believe ...
0 votes, asked Oct 06 '14 by April Ballard
3 answers
defference between if and when
Which sentence sounds more proper? English is very difficult. (Cry)If you decide to buy one, plz let me know.When you've ...
if-when 0 votes, asked Oct 06 '14 by jung marie
0 answers
Dodging a question.
What do you call someone who answers a question by asking one instead?
0 votes, asked Oct 05 '14 by J.R
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Is it correct?
I possess none.
correction 0 votes, asked Oct 05 '14 by Saf Shah
0 answers
You've had a question here about visitors' book and the suggestion was that it should be guest book as the ...
punctuation apostrophe 0 votes, asked Oct 05 '14 by Vally P
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whats wrong with this sentence?
In order for Birdie Edwards to be successful on his mission to take the "Eminent Order of Freeman down, he ...
0 votes, asked Oct 05 '14 by jhidi
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English 11
Dangling Modifiers: Rewrite the following sentences to remove the dangling modifiers. 1. Listening, the announcement is heard clearly by me. ...
0 votes, asked Oct 05 '14 by Worthy Conqueror
3 answers
Correct form
Is it correct to say let's go surf instead of let's go surfing?
grammar correct 0 votes, asked Oct 04 '14 by Fratelli Mamaia
1 answer
Quotation marks
I have come upon sentences where there is a break in the quotation, like: "Well, you see" - he looked ...
quotation 0 votes, asked Oct 04 '14 by Siahara
1 answer
word play
My daughter is doing a report on dolphins She is wanting to use the word dolphin to break down the ...
0 votes, asked Oct 04 '14 by Erica Ogle
1 answer
sentenc structure: Is the use of comma in this statement correct
. Moreover, evaluating the causal factors of stress, such as long-term exposure to poor SES conditions, and the associated illnesses ...
0 votes, asked Oct 04 '14 by
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