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what is it a gerund or object or modifier
Runninbg a marathon next year is my New Years resolution. is it a gerund or a object or modifier
0 votes, asked Jan 15 '16 by Shannon
1 answer
Passive voice in verb usage (being verbs)
I am presently studying latin and have come accross something that has me slightly confused. In latin the subject of ...
Beingverbs passive Passiveusage Passivevoice 0 votes, asked Jan 14 '16 by David Manor
0 answers
Position of pronoun in listing of names
Should it be: she, John, and Barry . . . or John, Barry, and she . . .
+1 vote, asked Jan 14 '16 by Ellen Tyson
1 answer
Grammar check
Is the following sentence grammatical? When you drag an image diagonally right, it is resized proportionally, so that the width ...
grammar +1 vote, asked Jan 14 '16 by Abdul Quadir
1 answer
hello I learn for test and i need your help. I writing few sentences if them inaccurate fix them . ...
grammar writing Englishgrammer 0 votes, asked Jan 14 '16 by Omri Pinchas Perel
1 answer
“Once a student qualifies for gifted education, he or she may re-enroll for participation in WINGS at any time." Is ...
0 votes, asked Jan 14 '16 by Kat
1 answer
While my brother was smiling , I took or was taking a picture .I'm confused when I should use past ...
+2 votes, asked Jan 14 '16 by Omnia
2 answers
When and where to use Articles
Hi, I've been writting business email from past 7 years and proper use of articles always give me a tough ...
0 votes, asked Jan 14 '16 by Sachin
0 answers
Being+past participle
I want to know what the function of the being+past participle structure is in the folloqing sentence. The box being ...
being past-participle +1 vote, asked Jan 14 '16 by Thydaphea Sokun
0 answers
ask for price and contents
is this correct? 1. $14 for only 3 beers each 0.35 liters? 2. $14 for only 3 beers 0.35 liters ...
+1 vote, asked Jan 14 '16 by en_learner9966
2 answers
Is this sentence grammatically correct
So I am medicore at English, then a good-looking and good-feeling sentence came to my mind but I am unsure ...
sentence-correction 0 votes, asked Jan 14 '16 by Gökcan Kırca
0 answers
How to reply
How are you doing?long time
+1 vote, asked Jan 14 '16 by Mav
1 answer
Use of parentheses referring to a last name
I understand the use of parentheses when using an acronym further on in a report. My question is when it ...
0 votes, asked Jan 14 '16 by James T Laing
0 answers
A Puzzler...
Hello! One of my students turned a variation of this sentence in on a paper, and I'm completely stumped as ...
+1 vote, asked Jan 14 '16 by Ralph J. Seymour
3 answers
research paper!!!(gatsby related)
can anyone help me write a research paper on fashion in the 20's..?? please please please..!!!
englishgrammar homework englishliterature 0 votes, asked Jan 14 '16 by shreya
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Grammar Check
Is the following grammatical [especially the words in bold]? I don't think (that) we should eat at that restaurant because ...
grammar 0 votes, asked Jan 14 '16 by Abdul Quadir
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Find the mistake
Find the mistake in this sentence which is : some of my friends are of my old
+1 vote, asked Jan 14 '16 by Omneya Shaaban
0 answers
Are given or were given
When to to use are given or when to use were given? As in the songs are/were given a spanish ...
-1 votes, asked Jan 13 '16 by XxX
2 answers
there are vs there is
I heard a phrase from a native speaker: "There is three more pieces." (of meat) So my question is: Is ...
+1 vote, asked Jan 13 '16 by Ramil
0 answers
As it happens?
Please help me with this sentence. "Nowadays, people can get the news instantly by sharing it as it happens on ...
+1 vote, asked Jan 13 '16 by Sharon Lipschutz
0 answers
Should I use was or were?
Jack and I attended a Symplr Webinar this morning. During the webinar there was/were some problems with the controls.
+1 vote, asked Jan 13 '16 by Janet
2 answers
Grammar check
I wrote an email today to my English professor that I couldn't make it to the exam today. She replied ...
email grammar apologies +1 vote, asked Jan 13 '16 by Giovanni Bouden
1 answer
Relative pronoun: which/that
I've stumbled upon an exercise sheet including some relative clause exercises and it says that the relative pronoun (sentence below) ...
+2 votes, asked Jan 13 '16 by godiva
0 answers
When are these two words synonyms and when are they similar but with a slightly different meaning
+1 vote, asked Jan 13 '16 by Susan Musca
1 answer
about HG8245H
I have bought a HG8245H, but I can not access to the web interface, could you give me some advice?a
HG8245H 0 votes, asked Jan 13 '16 by zhangman
0 answers
Correct garmmer
Best person to have in sad times
+1 vote, asked Jan 13 '16 by Shouaib Naim
1 answer
What is the possessive form of child?
Not singular possessive, not plural possessive, but possessive in general. I'm thinking it'd be child's, since the process of conjugating ...
+3 votes, asked Jan 13 '16 by hi
0 answers
problem logging in
I cannot get access to grammarly. Homework assignment due by 6 am central time
0 votes, asked Jan 13 '16 by Barbara Vaughn
0 answers
Identify the correct sentence.
A. Somethings are better left unsaid. B. Some-things are better left un-said. C. Some things are better left un-said. D. ...
+1 vote, asked Jan 13 '16 by Andrea Rogers
1 answer
parts of speech
In the sentence below, what parts of speech are dripping and crushed? The prince lurched from the water, dripping and ...
parts of speech 0 votes, asked Jan 13 '16 by Heather
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