Wouldn't and will not?


What's the difference between wouldn't and will not?

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The easiest way to explain is that 'would' is used most often with the subjunctive mood (the type of language we use when there is ANY degree of uncertainty).  In comparison, 'will' is a definite assertion and is part of the indictive mood (the language we use when we have no doubt or uncertainty).


'Would' is also used in a number of polite forms, whereas 'will' is seen as being more direct and, therefore, less polite.  In modern society, the practical difference between the two is blurring.  For example, very few people notice the slight difference in politeness between:


"Would you like some tea?" and "Will you have some tea?"


All of these functions are carried over in the negation as well.


"I wouldn't think that dogs like carrots." (subjunctive mood)


"Wouldn't you like to have a seat?" (politeness)

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