Wouldn't and will not?


What's the difference between wouldn't and will not?

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I would not answer yes neither no to this question for several reasons such as: a) I meet and work with  only with few staff of Medical Services Department; b) the staff  had   different professional  background and working experience (e.g. laboratory staff, were mainly microbiologists; other staff of the department were medical doctor and public health; few volunteer were pharmacist); c) it was not possible to do a formal assessment. However, it has been observed that most of the staff possess a fair understanding of their professional background. For example, microbiology, pharmacy and other. However, when I informally interviewed most of the staff showed a gap in knowledge, skills and practice regarding Quality Control (QC), Quality Assurances (QA), ISO 17025:2005 General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories; ISO 9000 and Codex Alimentarius. In addition, all pharmacists and microbiologist requested long training in quality control. 

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