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I'm writting an intro line to an article I'm posting on our company twitter and FB sites. See example. Grammarly is flagging the word "Social" as verb and in this context its a noun. Maybe it's how I have the sentence punctuated. I'm open to help/suggestions. Thanks

See example:

Social media: is it an effective way for bank customers' to air their grievances ?
asked Dec 06 '12 at 02:24 Rita Godinez New member

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In your sentence, "social" is actually an adjective (modifying the noun "media"). You're using it fine! I'd make two corrections to your sentence, though:

  1. You don't need the apostrophe after "customers."
  2. You don't need the space before the question mark.

Social media: is it an effective way for bank customers to air their grievances?

link comment answered Dec 06 '12 at 02:39 Actually Holly Expert

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