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Hero of War (Rise Against)

Iraq veteran says white flag ‘the only flag I trust’

In an interview with our newspaper, an Iraq veteran recounts some of his battlefield experience, sustaining that he will never take part in a war, but will struggle for peace.

The veteran, who wanted to maintain anonymity, describes his military life in the Iraq war as abominable and awful, where he and his colleagues committed atrocities even against civilians. He remembers the massive bombarding, shooting, killing and arresting violently men without any respect or consideration for the presence of their families. Then he declares that they did not only kill people but also mistreated their corpses and enjoyed this. As he remembers these brutalities of the military operations, he feels some resentment by killing innocent people even when they raised white flag.

When we asked him if he was not aware, before his enlistment in the army, about the type of job he would perform. He replied that when he was young, he had dreams of glory and fortune, and added that he feels as a person who has been brainwashed and deceived by the stereotypical ideas about military life; moreover, he admitted that he was so naïve to believe in the stories about heroism and daring, fight for principles...

About this change of his convictions from a warrior to a peace activist, he explains that the turning point occurred, when he has was obliged to kill a child, an execution he regrets and considers barbarian. Then he depicts his status after this act as feeling suspended between two choices whether to drag the remains of a hero to the end or to fight for some human values. Thus, he began to see the world from a new perspective and decided to transform his old military dreams into peaceful dreams.

Though some senses of regrets and distress, now the veteran appears to be ready for the new path. Once he was warring with weapon, but now he will struggle for peace, with no arms but the white flag.

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