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Is there a better way to write this? Also, would you add concrete details to it to make it more interesting?


Jennie stands up. Her sister notices her burgeoning belly which Jennie hides.

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Teen Idols tell the history of three singers of the 1960s whose popularity suddenly vanished.

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All the stories end with happiness but there is one story that end with sadness and madness. In the story of “Araby” the author James Joyce talks about a boy who is twelve years old. Who believe that is been in love with magna sister. But then the boy realizes that his love is stupid and unreal.  In fact  their hopes for the generosity of things when he can, hunt and representative achieve his material for a gift for a friend or a gift for the composed maturity’s Son with the However, more than a boy in a Christian environment, but a representative of their dreams dashed Joyce. In "Araby," Joyce Irish Christian frustration with imagery of Christianity and it allusion.  "Araby" Joyce’s story reflects the autobiographical , because life is so closely connected to the lives of boys. Joyce’s story ends with a sense of despair . 

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1+1=2 2+2=4

jan has 8 apples he get 1 more from his friend jay man you too

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