To find stressed syllable...


What is the stressed syllable here..?!

And could you give me some tips for finding stressed syllable..?!

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This best tip I can give you is to learn how to use a dictionary, either a book or online. They tell you how to pronounce a word, the definition, and synonyms. Online dictionaries will often have an audio feature that pronounces the word.

Type enforce definition into a search engine.

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I would like to add that average native speakers (who are not particularly trained in English or language acquisition) might seem like a good resource to you, but be careful with their advice. They do know what is right or better, but they don't generally know why. Furthermore, they may guess at reasons. Additionally, when they stop to think about something, they often get confused. What I'm leading up to is this: don't ask a native speaker if the stress is on the first or second syllable for the word "enforce." That question may not elicit a good answer. What you should do is just ask the person to pronounce the word for you several times. You listen for the stress. You can pronounce it back to be sure. You might even experiment with shifting the stress you think you hear to be certain, but again, a native speaker may tell you you are right when you are not. 


The dictionary, including online pronouncing dictionaries, is the best way to go.


We do have some general rules for pronunciation, but they are not good enough to bother learning. For example, a majority of nouns are stressed on the first syllable, but so many aren't, that that isn't anything you can count on. Also, words have multiple parts of speech in English, and the stress shifts in many of those cases. For example the noun "project" has the stress on the first syllable (as I previously indicated), but the verb "project" has the stress on the second syllable.  

link comment answered Apr 24 at 02:23 Glenda Diamond-Ramirez Grammarly Fellow

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