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I have 3 children. A friend of mine just had her second. I asked her, "how's life with 2?" Does that question make sense? I wasn't asking about how it is wkth teo children obviously because I have 3, but instead was just wondering how her life is now with two. Make sense the way it was asked?

asked Apr 19 at 17:03 Colleen Forbes Contributor

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It would certainly make sense to me if I were in your friend's position and you said that to me...


But are you sure she didn't understand you? Maybe she answered 'well, you know that better than me'; but that doesn't mean she didn't understand you. She's saying, 'I imagine about the same as your life was when you had your second child...' Maybe such an answer would make it seem she was a bit irritated, but also maybe she was just trying to be lighthearted and relateable... Hard to tell. She's your friend---talk to her! (I don't usually do Dear Abby here, which is almost certainly for the best, but I hope it helped at least somewhat... Or I was way off in my guess, in which case sorry.... :) )

link answered Apr 19 at 17:28 linguisticturn Expert

Perfect reply. Thank you!

Colleen ForbesApr 19 at 18:20

No problem... :)

linguisticturnApr 20 at 01:19

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Yep, I got it.

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