Please check whether the sentence is correct or incorrect.


Is the following sentence correct or incorrect?

As the taxi halted to a stop, ....

'Halted to a stop' is actually what I'm asking. Since 'halt' already means stop, I'm basically confused.

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"Halted to a stop" is redundant. Either "halted" or "came to a stop" would be used.

link comment answered Apr 19 at 15:02 Lewis Neidhardt Grammarly Fellow

It is correct, but I just think that 'came to a stop' (as suggested by Lewis)  sounds better.


It is true that 'halted to a stop' is, strictly logically speaking, redundant. But language is not made up of formal logical statements. As it happens, there are plenty of attested examples of 'halted to a stop' in published literature (see e.g. here). So it is all a question of style and taste...

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