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Have I used the colon correctly here? "I want to become an archeologist: opening closed doors and working closely with the origins of life." I don't want to use a dash.How do I get rid of the dash in this sentence? "What fascinates me most about science is everything unknown about this most interesting of disciplines - areas where everything doesn't fit together." Can I use a colon after disciplines? These are just example sentences

asked Nov 27 '12 at 07:17 Safia New member

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A dash can be avoided by recasting the sentence slightly, especially if you are using too few or too many words to express an idea.  You may also want to break down a wordy, multi-idea sentence into two sentences.  I would say that your use of the colon in your first sentence is correct, but you could also replace it with a comma.


You could also say, "I want to become an archeologist, someone who opens closed doors and works closely with the origins of life."


"What fascinates me most about science, the most interesting of disciplines, is the unknown.  I want to explore those areas where everything doesn't yet fit together."  (Or the same wording with a semicolon after "unknown" instead of a period.)


I think it's a good idea to avoid too much use of the dash and to replace it with more precise punctuation or wording.


Others here who are better writers than I am might give you more effective ways to rewrite your examples.

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See my answer.

Jeff PribylNov 28 '12 at 03:46

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First, I disagree with Jeff about the use of colons: a colon is used not only to introduce lists and block quotations, but also to draw attention to the text that follows (even if it is not a list).



There was only one solution: he had to be hospitalized. (Not a list)

I have three sisters: Meera, Diya, and Noor. (List)


Second, the revisions suggested by both David and Jeff seem grammatically correct. However, (sorry, maybe I'm nitpicking!) can one really "work closely with the origins of life"?

link comment answered Sep 10 '13 at 11:18 Joyce F Contributor

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