Is this sentence acceptable to native speakers?


You don't need to know anything about grammar to help me here---if you are a native speaker, that is enough. So, native speakers: to your ear, does the following sentence sound acceptable?


[1] Jane knows that Alice, but doubts that Mary, is tall.


I know that the sentence can be rewritten in various ways which are definitely acceptable; that's not my question. It is precisely the sentence [1] as it is that interests me. Grammatical analysis of [1] will not help me, either. The only thing that matters is whether native speakers (tend to) find it acceptable.


If you happen to know of some attested examples of sentences like [1] in published literature, that would help a lot, too. Thank you very much!

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More generally, my question can be formulated as follows: are there examples of right node raising where the extracted item is copula 'be' + a predicate complement, such as AdjP? [1] is supposed to be just such a sentence---if it is indeed acceptable.

linguisticturnMar 20 at 18:13

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It sounds perfectly natural to me, a native speaker.

link answered Mar 20 at 20:32 Glenda Diamond-Ramirez Expert

Thank you!

linguisticturnMar 20 at 20:55

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It might be great for written language, but American's don't speak in this way. (At least not any more.)

link answered Mar 20 at 22:47 Ter New member

But it is acceptable, at least in written form?

linguisticturnMar 21 at 06:24

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