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Girls had refused to cook food.

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The sentence is fine. It would probably occur with another clause in the simple past.


None of the students ate dinner because the girls had refused to cook food.


Your sentence is in the past perfect. Use it when you want to express that something happened in the past before something else happened in the past. Before the students didn't eat, the girls refused to cook food.

link answered Mar 20 at 08:57 Glenda Diamond-Ramirez Expert

May be he is asking to change the sentence into passive voice?

Deva R KumarMar 20 at 18:18

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'refused' is used as  an  intranstive verb here. So cannot be written in passive voice.



Active: The girls had refused food. (Here, 'refused' is used as a transitive verb)

Passive: Food had been refused by the girls.

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