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how do i change the following sentence from passive voice to the active voice

See example:

Some persons argue that Macbeth is overcome by Satan himself, while others argue that Macbeth, on his own, abused the position he is put in and takes advantage of the elder King Duncan I of Scotland.
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Many students' papers are marked up for passive voice because passive voice is often unclear. But, what is it? Passive voice, simply, is when you transform the object of a sentence into a subject.


Here's an example to help you visualise:



Active voice:

"Lightning struck the tree." --> The subject is DOING the action.
(Subject and Actor: lightning, Verb: struck (past simple), Object: the tree)


In the passive voice we take the object of an active sentence and make it the subject of the passive sentence.


Passive voice:

"The tree was struck by lightning." --> The subject is RECEIVING the action
(Subject: The tree, Verb: was struck (past simple passive), Actor: lightning)


SO, if we look at your sentence (italics mark passive voice):


Some people argue that Macbeth is overcome by Satan himself . . .


To make this sentence active, you must make sure the actor and the subject are the same.  Because Satan is the actor he should be the subject of the sentence, not Macbeth.


Some people argue that Satan himself has overcome Macbeth . . .


Now this is active voice.  The actor, Satan, is the subject, and the object, Macbeth, properly comes after the verb (has overcome).

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