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It is spring. I wake up at 7 o’clock in the morning. My working day begins. It is already light, because a day is longer than a night. I don’t want it so much, but I must wake up. If I stayed in bed a few minutes more, it would be better and nicer! If I closed my eyes and slept further, it would be better. But no! Unfortunately, I must wake up. I drag myself to the bathroom very slowly. I wash my face and my hands and brush my teeth. After I have finished my morning toilet, I get dressed. After that, I go to the kitchen. I cook 2 eggs and make a couple of sandwiches – that is how I have my breakfast. After that, I pack my stuff. Before going to work, I check the light, water and so on. I get into my car and start a motor. I could go by the underground, but I go by my car because I need it. What do I see on the street again? The endless traffic jams go on and on for many miles. It looks as a sea. I usually spend about 40-60 minutes in traffic jams. 40-60 minutes of my free private time. I reach my work very angry. I go upstairs on the sixth floor. I sit down on my chair and begin to work. My working day has just really begun. 

asked Nov 22 '12 at 13:35 Alex Ivanchenko New member

Experts are willing to help you out, but you've got to put forth a little more effort.

KoshikNov 22 '12 at 15:07

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