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We are doing Security Service for your site located in Thoraipakkam & Madampakkam for last One year.

We are not receive payment for the month of October to still now. When we asking for the payment your employees not responding well.

Regarding this issues we want your appointment regarding the payment

asked Feb 17 at 12:37 Aslam New member

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Hello.  It is better to be direct but polite in business correspondence.  Ex:  "My company, XXXXXX, has been doing security service for your sites located in Thoraipakkam and Madampakkam since (Date) __________.  Payment for the month of  October  has not been received. We have asked for payment, but no one has responded.  Please make this payment  by (Date)__________, or contact us if there is some confusion with your account.  Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter."    Follow this with the detailed amount owed, the customer's account number, and the address or information about where to send the payment.   I hope this is helpful. 

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