Tossing and turing in bed, the clock struck midnight.

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They don't have as many players as a football team.17. Managers in several offices around the globe has to be consulted.18. Our financial department did not approve of him investing in highly speculative deals.19. The apartment we saw yesterday was the best of the two.20. Due to the fact that dogs are color blind, Joe ceased and desisted in teaching his dog to fetch the blue slippers.21. Our costs for outsourcing our customer service are exorbitant, and may become higher if we don't limit the use of direct mailings.22. The hiring committee puts little weight on grade point averages, hence, focus the resume on your work experience.23. The school, that has the best resources, will attract the most students.24. "The city cannot afford", the mayor said "to supplement the cost of Internet access".25. After the crew members arrived, they should of started signing the log books.
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