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I feel a little confused when use "display" and "displaying".


For instance,

As a title, I would write something like this:

"Display of vehicle license plates"


But somethimes, I would write a sentence like this:

"There are a variety of reasons for not displaying motorcycle license plates. "


I check "Display" in dictionary, it tells me that "Display" can be a noun or verb. So, my question is when it should be used as a noun and when as a verb? Could you please give me some examples? Can they replaceable in some extent?

asked Nov 13 '12 at 08:26 tndwu New member

Thanks both of you. But what is the difference between "The displaying of flowers" and "the display of flowers"? I think, that "the displaying of flowers" emphasises the action while the latter focuses on a status or an event. Am I right?

You are correct.

Lewis NeidhardtNov 18 '12 at 12:51

Thanks, Lewis, you are helpful.

tndwuNov 19 '12 at 06:01

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This is not a very hard question. Use the words "display" and "displaying" as you use all those words which take the form of verb and noun. Similar words are: paint, show, et cetera... All of these can also be used in both forms.

And, as much as I know, the examples you gave, using the words "display" and "displaying" are both fine. What is that is making you think they are incorrect?

As of replacing, I don't think they can be replaced.

link comment answered Nov 13 '12 at 10:34 James Hudsonguy New member

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