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What is wrong with the use of "his" in this sentence? I don't understand...

See example:

Butterflies were flying like crazy in his stomach like they always have.
asked Nov 06 '12 at 16:54 Ashley Varvel New member

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The Grammarly software, being software, cannot understand the meaning of your sentence. (A goldfish is smarter than software.) The software uses pattern matching to do its work. Whenever it sees two pronouns in a sentence (his and they in your sentence), or whenever a pronoun does not agree in number with the sentence subject (butterflies = plural, his = singular), the software thinks something might (not is, but might) be wrong. So it tells you. Read Grammarly's comment carefully. It is merely suggesting that you double-check your sentence.


Nothing is wrong with your sentence.

link comment answered Nov 06 '12 at 19:04 Jeff Pribyl Grammarly Fellow

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