A moral value that you had learnt That is a winter morning. As usual, I have to go school with a ple


A moral value that you had learnt That is a winter morning. As usual, I have to go school with a pleasing and sparkling smile. I live alone and have no family members in my house. I had been stayed here since I decided to study aboard to foreign university to get a better qualification to work. Then invariably I have to prepared my breakfast and lunch once I woke up.   I still remember that such a vivid memory spring in my mind when I was at home. Two years ago, I was living with my family at the fringe town. My mother was the one who always prepared everything for us before we were waken up incase we may get late to school. During the teenager era, I had never been late to school. Instead I will be late to school at time despite how early I wake up. As time rolled by, I realized the commitment and sacrifice that she had done to us. I went to school by cycle and the journey takes a few minutes merely. Without hesitation, I was rushing to school for a good impression. Simultaneously, a safety bicycle is needed to ensure I won’t get late. The traffic jam in that morning is the worst I had ever seen. Though I was cycling, there was no extra spaces to go through. Impatient blast of car horns kept badgering beside my ears. I couldn’t take it anymore and went through it to solve the utter panic. Out of my expectation, a motorbike was sprinting toward me. I was astonished and startling. Fortunately, he could made a emergency brake to stop the tragedy occurred. As the saying goes, bad luck may strike you twice. Of course, I was late to school. Reality, it actually is a blessing that I did not lost anything except a well impression. A repeat experience is definitely not welcome. I will become more careful and need not to rush.

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