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One of my Colleague, his name is Praveen, we work together for one of our ongoing project in Dombivali. my role in that project is to plan, monitor & control the project.

I have to coordinates with so many peoples in this process to get the required data for project planning purpose. once the planning process is done we need to track  the plan on regular basis & highlight the delays in the project i.e Plan vs Actual status, Key risks, corrective measures, etc to our higher management.

In this process my strengths are planning & Monitoring, once the planning is done then pravin have to play very active role so as to complete the project on time. as per my plans he has to monitor all the departments whether all the respective people are delivering their deliverables on time or not. if he find some delay from any of the person then he starts escalating thinks directly to top management.

Though he is not technical person but he can analyse the delay/risks in the project very smartly. he don't work much but he knows how to get the data from everyone very smartly & starts highlighting the critical issues to management. management thinks that pravin is the only person who can drive any project aggressively.

I also can play his role but my weakness is my communication & I always fear to write or speak something to top management. I can drive the projects better than him as I have good technical knowledge.

So i would like to become like him.  

asked Nov 05 '12 at 10:15 sandip patil New member

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