About making a complex sentence.


I met the girl at the store. + the girl was my classmate.


1. I met the girl who was my classmate at the store.

2. I met the girl, who was my classmate, at the store.


Do the commas in the sentence should be added?

asked Nov 05 '12 at 09:46 Dean New member

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In Rahul's version, the comma following girl is not needed. The who clause is, in this sentence, a restrictive relative pronoun clause. Restrictive (or definining) clauses are not set off by commas.

link answered Nov 05 '12 at 13:45 Jeff Pribyl Grammarly Fellow

Thank you Sir. +1. I just edited it.

Rahul GuptaNov 05 '12 at 14:52

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At the store, I met the girl who was my classmate.

link comment edited Nov 05 '12 at 14:53 Rahul Gupta Expert

I agree  the first one.The girl I met at the store is my classmate.She is not any other person.Thanks.

link comment answered Nov 06 '12 at 08:11 aung myint New member

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