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I consider myself to be a traditional artist, not a folk art artist. Please comment.

See example:

I am a traditional artist working on canvas and my mediums are oil, acrylic and watercolor paper.
asked May 01 '11 at 23:47 Dessie Durham New member

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I am a traditional artist working on canvas, and my mediums are oil, acrylic, and watercolor paints.


1) You should always put a comma before and or but when the clause following it could be its own sentence.


2) I am a fan of the oxford comma -- the last comma in a list.  It clarifies that it is a list of paint types and not a new kind of hybrid medium, acrylic and watercolor.


3)  I think instead of 'paper' you meant to write 'paints.'



link comment answered May 03 '11 at 12:41 Kimberly Expert

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