I don't know what is wrong with this sentence.


I just checked my paper for grammer issues and this sentence popped up and I don't understand what's wrong with the sentence. Does anyone have an idea?

See example:

Because natural foods usually only contain one ingredient they're free from additives such as artificial coloring, sweeteners, flavoring, and hormones .
asked May 01 '11 at 02:38 Tyshala New member

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This sentence is almost perfect.  


It may be read incorrectly, however, due to the lack of a comma after the introductory clause: 'Because natural foods . . .ingredient'.  Consider adding a comma after the word 'ingredient'.  


Also, because you are tacking on information after 'such as', please add a comma before 'such as'.

link comment answered May 02 '11 at 17:36 Kimberly Expert

Thank you! I was sitting at my desk for a few minutes staring at that sentence trying to figure out how to change it!

link comment answered May 02 '11 at 20:37 Tyshala New member

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