active and passive voice for exams please help.


1. people used to cart heaps of gems and pearls along the streets

2. who would sweep and clean the wide road?

3. everyone sweeps the garbage and throws it into the middle of the street.

4. you hear swear words as you pass near the huge banyan tree.

5. some woman offered vemilion, turmeric and coconuts to the river goddess.

6. the swirling waters swept awau moaning cows.

7.they made makeshift cradles for the infants on the beanches of tree


change into active voice-

8. many more terrible tales were being told

9. a course of  action was jointly planned by the village heads

10. a trench to light a fire was made using spades by the ten young men

11. rice was collected from houses by another group.

12. cooking vessels and groceries were bouth by yet another group.

13. doskaya pappu, pulusu and rice were cooked by venkamma and subamma.

asked Nov 01 '12 at 04:19 Jake Long New member

Jake, we don't do homework, quizzes and tests here. If you have a question about passive or active voice, type "active" or "passive" in the search field above. This is by far the most common question asked on this forum. You will find a myriad of questions and answers on the topic. You can also look at the Grammarly Handbook link at the bottom of the page.

Patty TNov 01 '12 at 04:45

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