Passive voice sentence


How would I rewrite this sentence?

See example:

Cost of preferred stock was calculated by dividing the most recent preferred dividend by the price per preferred share.
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I posted this answer 22 hours ago for a similar question. It applies here too.


We cannot fix your sentence for you. Your sentence needs an "actor" but does not give us enough information about the missing actor for us to rewrite it -- only you know who that might be. Questions concerning passive and active voice are the most popular type of question on this forum. Several very similar questions have been asked in the past 24 hours alone.


Here is what you should do.


First, enter "passive voice" in the search box at the top of this page. You will be presented with more than 50 recent questions (and their answers) concerning passive voice. Read these questions and our answers.


Second, you should look up and read about what constitutes passive voice and active voice. Here are several links --


Wikipedia's page on English Passive Voice --


University of North Carolina's handout discussing passive voice --


The Grammarly Handbook's pages on passive voice are indexed here --


Third, you should understand that passive voice is a style -- it is neither right nor wrong. Although active voice is generally more interesting and easier to read, passive voice fills an important role in writing. There are some disciplines where passive voice is preferred, and there are some sentences that are better suited to remaining in the passive voice.

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Thank you for your help.

Not sure about usinng Wikipedia since Walden University discourages using it as a resource. With that being said, I will not use Wikipedia for anything.Better safe than sorry- especially at Walden University.

link comment answered Nov 04 '12 at 22:19 Yolanda New member

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