Comma between two independ clauses


I want to feel confident in your program, but things like this keep popping up. I remember from school that two independ clauses need a comma, eHow states two indepent clauses needs seperating, they used AND plus the comma. I did not want to use AND, instead just used comma. But you knocked it down as wrong. I need more input on your findins.My 7 days of free useage is almost up, the many things found wrong over the week-end and again today continue, I do not feel justified in spending the monies you require. As well, you keep suggesing changing synonmys. Some are justified, but if I allowed you to change to your suggestion, it no longer is my writings, but grammarly, and I do not like all you suggest. I NEED CLARIFICATION TODAY, 10-30-12. I will not pay for the many error you posted when comparing to the internet and William Strunk, Diana Hacker, and The Chicago Manual of Style of writing 16th edition

See example:

His voice was low, his words were harsh, and chill bumps spread across her body from his hot breath blowing in her face.
asked Oct 30 '12 at 17:18 Dot Yates New member

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