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According to William Strunk Jr. book, "The Elements of Style" 4th edition, the use of the active voice without some passive voice becomes forcible reading. He encourages to allow some passive voice. These statements are on pages 17, 18.

According to The Chicago Manual of Style 16th Edition, page 633, number 13.37, contractions are best used in dialogue or narration.

I have Microsoft Word 2012 program that marks commars at and at times and apparently not other times. As well, it spells areola this way as does the free dictionary on line.

I used "to be" and it came back with redundant use.

So, please tell me, who do I believe?

See example:

The top of Katrina's head, as he looked down to her, brought back memory of temptation in wanting to touch her on the beach; and he ran his hands beneath her gown, slowly massaging her abdomen.
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