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Dear Judy:

It ‘s glad to know that you will consider to stay in Hong Kong and you are planning to start your study in university. I would like to share some experience to you.

I did start study in open university on April,2011.The reason I did choose open university because they didn’t reject anyone who are willing to learn more in the lifelong study. The other thing was the flexible learning time and the course tutorial time twice a month. It will be benefit for our study and the course could cover from the post-secondary level to the master or doctor level.
I do find there was some difficulty during learning. For example when you are busy and it will be a challenges to control and make it happen for your study time. It will be hard to control studying and reading time when you are not sure the course outline. It will be your responsibility to make it clear and plan to do within a time line.
Don’t worry about all the request. You should know your aim and just according to your planning to do it. I do believe you could overcome all the problem. I did try to enjoy study and ensure it was not affect my daily life. I could stay in home and enjoy social life but after all of this should stay home and work hard for your study as well.
Wish to met you and talk to you in detail. Please let us know your flight time and we could share more.


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