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how could i improve my talking power in english?

asked Oct 25 '12 at 12:02 humera New member

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If you want to speak English fluently, it is advisable to start by talking out loud to yourself when you're alone. This will help to improve not only your confidence, but also you will be able to detect by listening whether your sentence/s sound/s either natural or unnatural. Also, reading novels will you do you some power of good in learning to speak fluently. Try reading books that are written in plain English, and be very interested in each book you try to read, tell yourself that its author wouldn't have wasted their time to write this book if it wasn't really well worth reading. By doing so, sooner or later you'll get used to reading frequently. Moreover, try to have at least one or two favourite authors. Take note# Don't try to think in your home language first when you want to make a sentence, think in English. My English teacher once told me that to learn to speak English depends on '(How bad do you want to learn to speak English).' I hope this will help you.

link comment answered Apr 05 '15 at 09:31 Oscar Mapfuno New member

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