I've written a paragraph below please check the words in the brackets  if they are suitable or not(grammatically)... =>Although it is now a well-known brand name in the field of global computer manufacturing, not many people (( are )) aware of the fact that the company is actually fairly old. Their wide range of printers, desktop and laptop computers are perhaps one of the most popular and certainly their best known products. Their influence (( also extends )) outside the area of hardware, as the company (( has bee developing )) cloud computer systems for some time, using virtual server technology. Their company (( was founded )) by two university graduates majoring in electrical engineering in the mid 1930s. Like many technology companies, their company  (( started ))  in a garage. From the very beginning, the founders of the company (( demonstrated )) an outlook that (( to be )) people-centric. They were committed to running an organization with concerns for employee relations. For years, whenever an employee ((  got )) married or a child (( was added )) to the family, a wedding or a baby gift (( would have chosen )) and presented to him or her. An early employee who later (( became )) the vice president of their Personnel and Human Resources Department remembered (( to be impressed )) with the interest and concern shown for the staff by the founders of the company. “Through their interest in our people, policies and practices, they certainly (( created )) an impact on the company we are today,” he said. This warmth and standard of commitment to their employees (( has taken )) root and eventually became a central tenet of the company's corporate philosophy. These values (( were shared )) by other founders and leaders of the company as well. They all carried a strong belief in the basic goodness of people, of their desire to do a good job. Just like how they got started in the garage, they believed that people (( would do )) a good job provided that they (( 9 were given )) the proper tools. They also believed that it  (( had been )) important to contribute to the overall good; that the betterment of society was not a job (( being left )) to the few, but a responsibility (( being shared )) by all. At the heart of every action (( was )) a firm conviction that each person (( was )) the right to ((  be treated )) with great respect and caring. In the future, with an increasing emphasis on both cloud computing and green solutions, the company (( is going to develop )) cloud-based solutions for the enterprise market, whilst moving towards diskless computing. This  (( will help ))  their company to reduce costs, as well as remaining a powerful and innovative leader in the global computer hardware market.

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