=> The recent rise in property prices _____ the demand for higher salaries.       A. will increase             B. is to increase       C. has to increase         D. has been increasing => Since Mrs. Lee: _____ in our company, she _____ any sick leave.      A. has worked….hasn’t taken         B. has worked…..didn’t take      C. worked………hasn’t taken           D. worked……….didn’t take =>“It is the first time I _____ part in a protest,” Jane said to me.       A. take                             B. have taken      C. took                              D. to take => Applicants are told that the payment slip _____ with the application form.      A. ought to have sent       B. needs to be sent      C. should be sent              D. will have been sent => Jane: I had a terrible day at office again today.      Joe: You_____ always _____ about work.      A. ‘ve….moaned              B. ‘ll…..moan      C. ‘re…..moaning            D. ‘d…..moaned =>It is unlikely that the government _____ the court’s decision in this case.      A. is to welcome             B. may welcome     C. will welcome               D. welcome

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We do not intentionally answer homework questions.  Sorry.

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