is this correct?


Is this sentence right?

thanks for all your answers all of them is right

asked Oct 23 '12 at 02:06 bylasan New member

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(Edit: This was written assuming that the example "sentence" which is being asked about is: "thanks for all your answers all of them is right" It is unclear whether that is the example or the example was omitted by accident.)


No, for a couple of reasons.


1) Improper punctuation and capitalization

Always begin sentences with capital letters and end them with the appropriate closing punctuation.


2) More than one sentence

There are two complete thoughts expressed here, and they must each have proper punctuation.


3) Verb/Subject disagree

In the second thought, the verb "is" disagrees in number with the subject.


Would you like to rewrite the example to see if you can fix some of the problems yourself?

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This sentence is not correct, it might be correct in oral friendly comunication but not in writing

link comment answered Oct 23 '12 at 07:43 debi New member

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