Please check the grammar

See example:

 Interacted with developers, users and various team members to discuss and to resolve defects and their priorities
asked Oct 21 '12 at 02:54 Golam Sarwar New member

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This looks like on item in a bullet list, perhaps from a resume.


This is not a complete sentence as it is missing a subject. Bullet list items need not be complete sentences and have their own special rules. But with just one list item provided, it is impossible to tell whether your have followed the rules. For instance, all bullet list items should be parallel -- that is, follow the same grammatical structure. If one bullet list item is a sentence, all must be sentences.


"and their priorities" is misplaced in your sentence, so your intended meaning is not clear. Did you discuss the priorities? Did you establish the priorities? Are they priorities for discussion? Are they priorities for resolving defects? I can probably guess correctly because I have seen this sort of business jargon before, but your sentence doesn't actually say it.  Rewrite to locate "priorities" closer to the word that the phrase is modifying.


I hope this helps.

link answered Oct 21 '12 at 03:57 Jeff Pribyl Grammarly Fellow

"Interacted with" is very weak usage for a resume. It could mean you talked about the problem over coffee. Be specific about what you did.

Jeff PribylOct 21 '12 at 14:35

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