What am i doing wrong in this sentence? in what way can I rephrase this sentence so it is accepted in grammarly?

See example:

In the article, "Add to Children's Educations; Do Not Subtract", Tiffany Cooper Gueye states that parents should use alternative perspectives to teach their children when a specific curriculum contradicts their personal or religious beliefs.
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Two changes will causes Grammarly to "like" your sentence.


(1) Delete "specific." The word is unnecessary, and its absence will not alter the meaning of your sentence.

(2) Change "alternative" to "different." Different is a more direct word choice.


You may wish to consider several other items.


(a) Instead of "in the article," you may wish to consider "in her article."


(b) The comma following "article" may not be required. The various style guides offer differing advice on this comma. Some suggest (but do not require) its use, while others are either silent or suggest it is unnecessary. If you continue to say "in the article," I would omit the comma (the title here is a noun phrase clearly tied to "article"). But if you say "in her article," I would keep the comma (here the title is clearly an appositive).


(c) If you are following standard American style, you should place the next comma inside the quotation marks around the article title.  While British style places the comma outside of the quotation marks, nearly all American style guides call for commas and periods to be inside.

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