how to make that sentence shorter?

See example:

The American Association of College of Nursing states the DNP graduates should be able to use their understanding of the practice context to document practice trends, identify potential systemic changes, and make improvements in the care of their particular patient populations in the systems within their practice .
asked Oct 09 '12 at 03:11 Linda Mangum New member

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That's actually pretty concise. It's not unnusual for technical sentences to be quite long.  You could simplify it by breaking up the list into separate sentences, but I wouldn't recommend it.

link comment answered Oct 09 '12 at 04:41 mysticete Contributor

Also, take care when giving the names of institutions, organizations, etc. to accurately quote the name as used by that institution/organization.

link comment answered Oct 09 '12 at 07:08 Peter Guess Expert

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