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Is the following sentences grammatically correct? Thank you, Wanda



“We have to discuss that privately. We’ll discuss that - you and me - philosophically; but go ahead.”

asked Jan 26 '11 at 17:03 Wanda Malave New member

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Your error is a punctuation error.

Your mistake is related to hyphens.  You do not want to use hyphens before and after "you and me".  You should use em dashes. You must insert the em dash manually; there is no key for it. In Word, must insert it through: insert --> special characters --> "em dash" (it looks like an extra-long hyphen). Do not put spaces on either side of the em dash.

Some may comment on your semi-colon. This is not a mistake. Generally, we use semi-colons when we join two complete ideas or thoughts.  In your sentences, you use the semi-colon to link a complete sentence with an imperative thought, which is correct.  

My personal style is to also include a comma after "but". Though some would say it is unecessary.  I feel it improves the rhythm of the sentence.

This is what your corrected sentence should look like:

“We have to discuss that privately. We’ll discuss that―you and me―philosophically; but, go ahead.”

Hope this helps!




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Dear Kimberly,


In your example, you have used em dashes correctly. Yet, Grammarly, states that there should be spaces around dashes. This, and what they mark as incorrect regarding ellipses, should be brought to the attention of management. Millions of students may be learning incorrectly from Grammarly. I think your program is a good one but, please correct this glaring error for the sake of all.



G. S.

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