"As you all know" - Review this sentence for personal pronouns


Grammarly: The personal pronoun, “you”, may not be appropriate for formal writing. Consider removing this pronoun, and rephrasing your sentence.


My question: What's the problem with this sentence: "As you all know"?


Thank you.

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Is the context in which this sentence appears "formal writing"; for instance, academic writing?


Depending on the context from which this sentence is taken, you might want to consider:


As everyone here knows . . .

Readers will be aware that . . .


Can you give more information regarding the context?

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In academic or formal writing, addressing the reader by using the personal pronoun "you" is considered bad form. (A similar prohibition applies to using "I" or "me" when the author is speaking.) Eamples of formal writing include expository essays, reports, term papers, research papers, dissertations, and scholarly munscripts intended for publication.


On the other hand, using the personal pronoun can make the writing seem more approachable by giving its a more breezy, informal air. Its use is considered acceptable in personal essays and opinion pieces.


If you are engaged in formal writing, you should replace the "offending" phrase. Peter offers two examples -- with the second being better suited for formal situations. You should, however, be aware that most authorities on concise writing in formal situations would recommend deleting the phrase entirely. They consider telling the reader what they already know to be unnecessary and mildly offensive.


I hope this helps.

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