Is there a formal ranking of importance of grammatical errors?


Is there a formal ranking of importance of grammatical errors? It is obvious that some mistakes are are more important than others, so more info on this matter would be very useful.

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It seems that, at present, there is no official and recognised ranking system for grammar errors and their severity.

 However, my opinion is that if one were to imagine a pyramid,  verb-number agreement would form the base (these would be the most important skills to master), perhaps shared with tense accuracy and consistency.  The next level up, would probably be word order and pronoun use.  Next, may be articles and modifiers, followed by spelling and punctuation. 

This is my personal opinion. It could be heavily debated among linguists and much could be added to it, but assuming the goal of mastery is communication, this is the heirarchy of errors, with the most serious forming the base and the least serious placed above it.

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I recently came across a link and thought it would be helpful.  The article singles out writing errors and designates the importance of the error.


From Oxbridge Editing Blog:



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