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I have two sentences that I need help in rewriting them.


First:   The Cold War of the 20th century played a big role in ending the physical and intellectural isolation of Americans.


Second:  President Kennedy had to do something to keep the United States from losing its grip in the international community and its self-respect at home.  That is why he places so much importance on reaching the goal of a "manned lunal landing" by the end of the decade.


I am writing a paper on Apollo 11 and just need help on these sentences.   Thanks.

asked Sep 30 '12 at 19:00 Elizabeth Cooper New member

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Your text is grammatically sound except for the following points:


1. "20th" should be spelled out: twentieth century (this is a style error rather than a grammatical error)


2. Your use of tenses is inconsistent. Kennedy had to do something . . . he placed importance . . . (correct version). Using the present tense for both would be consistent, but is more appropriate to literary critique.


3. The adjective relating to moon is lunar, not "lunal".


4. As you're paraphrasing Kennedy's words rather than quoting them, you do not need quotation marks around manned lunar landing.

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