What is the subject and verb in this sentence?


Is this the way to school?

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Sometimes it helps if you look at the sentence a different way. In spoken English you could ask this question simply by changing the intonation in your voice (raising the pitch at the end):


This is the way to school? (Much easier to identify the subject.)


We don't say "that's a question" or "question mark" at the end of the sentence in spoken English; we can often make our meaning clear with intonation.


In written English, we don't have this flexibility; so, we either have to use a question mark or inversion (also with a question mark, of course).


Simplification can also help with other troublesome grammar points. Which of these sentences is grammatically correct?


"I saw my friend and I in the mirror."

"I saw my friend and myself in the mirror."

"I saw my friend and me in the mirror."


You can simplify this sentence by taking the friend out of the equation for a second.


"I saw I in the mirror."

"I saw myself in the mirror."

"I saw me in the mirror."


The answer suddenly becomes clear.

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