How do I word this sentence?


"Silence like a cancer grows"(Paul Simon song) I am trying to make a statement using this simile.

See example:

Silence like cancer grows speaks as a simile that silence is an emotional image of how secretes and untold truths cause individuals to be disturbed by strife.
asked Apr 20 '11 at 03:07 Jessica Duran New member

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First off -- great song and epic use of simile. :-)


About your sentence:


"Silence, like a cancer, grows" is a simile that creates an emotional image that silence -- secrets and untold truths -- can disturb and cause strife for individuals.


With a sentence like this, its more clear and more easily understood if you use direct statements.  For example: ". . .grows' is a simile" versus ". . .grows' as a simile".  The first one is better because 'Silence, like a cancer, grows' isn't 'like' or 'as' a simile, it is a simile.


I hope this helps!



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