URGENT!!!!! !!!!!! !!!!!! cannot paste or download to grammar


I am attending school and I need immediate help.  I need to be able to download or copy to grammar. Lately, I have been noticing strange writing from your data base across my document, that was when I was able to download however, and I could not remove the writing.   In the past, I was able to atleast get in and paste, even thou it was not working right,  but today - I cannot do anything.  Help!!! I have a report that I have to complete and I need to submitt it today.  I have paid for a year worth of service and I do not need to pull out for another service.  But, it would be nice if there was someone to speak with to help answer question of this type, instead of having to wait 24 hours for a response.  The only time I have been able to speak with someone is when there is a money problem.  Come on - we need better customers care service.   I DEPEND ON MY GRAMMAR CHECK.   My phone number is 803-473-0589 call me today, please.  Thanks Elaine

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Try contacting support again.

link comment answered Jan 29 at 00:04 lun29 Contributor

So much for customer support.

link comment answered Jun 25 '13 at 04:51 MICHELLE LLORENS New member

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