about superlative and comparative degree usage


what is the superlative degree term for the word  useful and quiet?

and when we should use the prefixes more and most while writing the comparative and superlative forms of the words

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Quiet, quieter, quietest.


Rule no. 1 Count the number of letters.  If there are 6 letters or more than 6 letters, add more and most to change the degree.


Difficult    More difficult   Most difficult

Beautiful  More beautiful Most beautiful


Rule no. 2: If there are 3 letters, repeat the last consonant letter and add "er" and "est" for Comparative and Superlative degree respectively.


Fat=3 letters Comparative is Fatter and Superlative is Fattest

Red= 3 letters Comparative is Redder and Superlative is Reddest

Hot= 3 letters Comparative is Hotter and Superlative is Hottest


1.Important more important and most important.

2. useful, more useful and most useful.


Rule no. 3: If consonant "y" is used at the end of the word, "ier" and "iest" are used to change the degree.


Wealthy     Wealthier             Wealthiest

Heavy         Heavier                 Heaviest


Rule no 4: The adjectives ending with "e" take "r" and "st" to change the degree.


Able        Abler            Ablest

Wise        Wiser           Wisest

Noble     Nobler          Noblest


Rule no.5: Generally Adjectives take 'er" or "est" to change the  degree.


Great            Greater          Greatest

Kind              Kinder            Kindest


No use of "er" and "est" in Regular adjectives:


In case, there is one person and his own two qualities are compared:


She is more kind than clever.


Irregular adjectives have no rules.  Only you have to learn by heart. 

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thin thinner thinnest

Here are 4 letters.so,Ithink the rule is this 

If there is a,e,i,o,u at second last letter ,repeat the last constant letter and add er and est for comparative and superlative degree respectively

Also there is a word dry,old which have 3 letters.

Its degree is

                   positive comparative superlative

                   dry        drier              driest

                   old        older              oldest

So Ithink the given second rule is incorrect.

But there are many words that do not follows rule of a,e,i,o,u

Also about rule no. 1 tired 5letters comparative-more tired superlative most tired.

please tell me Iam right or wrong.

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Your 1st rule is wrong you say that count the letters if there are 6 or more letters add more and most but word “pretty" has 6 six letters and the comparative and superlative of pretty is prettier and prettiest!!!

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the word pretty ends with letter "y" so read rule number 3.

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Most adjectives with two or more syllables are preceded by 'more' and 'most' at the comparative and superlative levels respectively. The following are examples: careful = more careful and most careful; intelligent = more intelligent and most intelligent.

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