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Please clariy if the proper place for the period in my question is before the quotation mark or after. Grammary says the punctuation for this sentence is wrong. I disagree.

See example:

I loved the creative title and theme: "fair is fair."
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Interesting. When I paste your sentence into Grammarly, it does not raise any concerns about your punctuation.


I agree with Lewis about the colon. It should be a comma. However, I disagree with my American friend Lewis about the placement of the period. The rule he cites may be true in British English, but there is near unanimity among the American style guides that commas and periods always go inside the closing quotation mark. To cite just few of the style guides favoring the inside placement: the Chicago Manual of Style, the MLA, the APA, the AMA, the Associated Press, the New York Times, and the New Yorker magazine. Only the American Chemical Society's style manual adopts the British style.


(Lewis did say there are many different opinions.)

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