punctations at end of sentence


Why does grammarily say there is no punctuatation on these sentences?

See example:

It was just a damn dog, but the boy's okay."
asked Sep 14 '12 at 02:53 Dollie Mason New member

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No, seriously. You are missing a quotation mark. Quotation marks always occur in pairs, and you are missing the opening quotation mark.


Grammarly sees mark at the end of your sentence and thinks that it is the opening mark (because it is the first that it sees) -- where is the closing mark?  So it tells you that punctuation is missing.

link answered Sep 14 '12 at 04:17 Jeff Pribyl Grammarly Fellow

Sorry; I was answering seriously, but I guess I should have given more information.

mysticeteSep 15 '12 at 16:29

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You're missing a quotation mark.

link comment answered Sep 14 '12 at 02:56 mysticete Contributor

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