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Do you have software for the mac computers?

asked Sep 06 '12 at 22:02 Tammy H. Ball New member

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I have had several cordial exchanges with the Grammarly staff recently about "the Mac problem." The standard answer is that they are working on it, but it is company policy not to discuss the nature of the obstacle standing in the way, nor to give any hint about when it might be available. I notice requests going back a couple of years at least, so I have to believe it is not a high priority for the company or they would have something already. I would not mind using the web-based system only except for the unbelievably small page limit. My own papers as well as my grad students' papers are much longer, and it is quite annoying to have to disect them into small bits to feed into the system and then try to re-integrate into the full document. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

link comment answered Sep 05 '15 at 15:42 Steven Morgan New member

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