Example: I wore my pink T-shirt; one of my favourite T-shirts in my wardrobe. Is this a correct use for the semicolon. If not, how do I write this sentence correctly?

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No. In your sentence, you should use a comma rather than a semicolon to join the dependent clause -- "one of my favorite ..." -- to the main clause.


Semicolons have three main uses.


(1) To join two independent clauses together into a single sentence. An independent clause is a clause that can stand on its own as a complete sentence. Typically, independent clauses are joined by a comma and a conjunction, but sometimes we want to link the clauses more closely. (The previous sentence is an example of using the comma and the conjunction "but"). Here is an example that uses the semicolon. Sonia adored her cat; the cat merely tolerated Sonia.


(2) To join a series of complex items, where one or more of the list contains an internal comma. Normally, we use commas to separate items in a list. We discussed this a few weeks back here on this forum.


(3) A semicolon is always used when certain adverbs join two independent clauses. We recently discussed that here as well.


I hope this helps.

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