what is tense?


last night i lose my keys , i had to call my flatmate to let me in 

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As I said in response to a question yesterday, the following are not optional -- capitalization of the personal pronoun "I" -- never "i"; punctuation at the end of a sentence; and capitalization of the first word of a sentence.


You may call us old-fashioned, but the invention of text messaging did not magically change the rules of grammar. Look around -- do you ever see books, magazines, newspapers, and even professional web pages which do not follow these rules?


It is more than, as Lewis says, developing good habits. A friend who teaches high school school history automatically fails papers that make these mistakes, and he gives the student no opportunity to fix the mistake. The real world of business demands that you write well and correctly. Try to get a job today with these errors in your cover letter/resume and you soon will discover why your teachers said this is important.

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I hate, HATE, texting because I can't bring myself to use all the shortcuts nor learn to do two thumb typing. It takes me forever to send a simple message.

Lewis NeidhardtSep 02 '12 at 20:28

I tend to be an early adopter and love all sorts of gadgets and computers. In 1983-84, I had helped design the country's second cell phone system. But about ten years ago, I began to realize that the office cell phone was destroying what little life I had away from the office. So today, I do not have a smart phone. I give the number to just a handful of friends and family. It is generally turned off unless I am making or expecting a call when I'm out and about. I do not text. And when Facebook arrived on the scene, I decided -- I keep in touch with my friends just fine as it is, so no Facebook for me. Being in sixth grade, my little softball playing friend thinks I'm a Luddite. But that's okay. I don't really think I'm missing anything.

Jeff PribylSep 02 '12 at 23:36

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